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MTA Signaling Challenge: Proof of Concept Complete

The Transit Tech Lab’s Subway Signaling Challenge for the MTA has been a fantastic opportunity for 4AI Systems team to showcase our systems ability to lower maintenance costs and provide network efficiencies through better situational awareness.  Thank-you to Stacey, Wilson and team for making this opportunity the success it has been.

COVID-19 threw us many challenges including the inability to travel between countries but we were able to successfully adapt and deliver.  Well done to our team including our on the ground support, MAC Products, for all their hard work and working through multiple time zones.

4AI Systems solutions empower people and organizations to ultimately make better, data-driven decisions for their rail operations.  Talk to us if you want to find out how we can help transform your existing network to increase situational awareness and response times.

Read more about our completed proof of concept here:

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