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Technology that Keeps Trains Running

As part of their series on smart cities, Emerging Tech Brew looks at the next generation of transit technology, including our work with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority alongside fellow finalists as part of the New York City Subway Transit Tech Lab signaling challenge. 4AI Systems showcased our ability to provide time-sensitive decision making to train operators through the detection and classification […]

MTA Signaling Challenge: Proof of Concept Complete

The Transit Tech Lab’s Subway Signaling Challenge for the MTA has been a fantastic opportunity for 4AI Systems team to showcase our systems ability to lower maintenance costs and provide network efficiencies through better situational awareness.  Thank-you to Stacey, Wilson and team for making this opportunity the success it has been. COVID-19 threw us many […]

An Advanced Driver Advisory System

Since 2016, 4Tel Pty Ltd of Newcastle, Australia, has been investing in the development of artificial intelligence for application in the rail industry generally. As a part of this activity, 4Tel has a research and development contract with the University of Newcastle Robotics Laboratory known as NUBots, where 4Tel is their Platinum Sponsor. The work […]

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