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Rio Tinto Feasibility Study

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AI Systems to demonstrate hazard detection capability in Rio Tinto feasibility study


Rio Tinto Iron Ore AutoHaul Rail Productivity Principal, Lido Costa, announced a feasibility study of artificial intelligent vision systems for hazard detection in the Pilbara heavy haul railway network at Heavy Haul 2021 in Perth.  AI Systems Pty Ltd is participating in the trial commencing in mid 2021.

The feasibility study involves the trial of AI Systems’ artificial intelligence solution installed on a locomotive to validate its capability to detect and classify objects in the rail corridor ahead of the train.  

4Tel Pty Ltd recently formed AI Systems Pty Ltd as a special purpose company responsible for the commercialisation, management and ongoing development of artificial intelligence vision systems and intellectual property previously developed by 4Tel.  This trial is presenting the opportunity to demonstrate the current status of its AI technology in a live environment.

AI Systems co-founder and CEO of 4Tel, Joanne Wust explains, “The technology our team has been working on since 2016 has now matured to the point where it is ready for operational trials and subsequent deployment to address some selected and specialised roles such as hazard detection, operational situational awareness assessments and data integration.

“Of course, AI Systems’ staff are relishing the opportunity to show off their innovative work.  Nevertheless, regardless of what happens on this particular trial, we have no doubt that AI is coming and will significantly impact the rail industry’s future.  AI Systems will be a part of that future.”

Based in Newcastle, New South Wales, the AI Systems team specialise in object detection software using a patented sensor array.  The detection system can be fitted to both moving vehicles and to stationary locations such as level-crossings, stations and large intersections.  Current technology and algorithms focus on rail and light rail with the potential to expand into other industries.  The company vision “Empowering Intelligent Transport for a Safer Society”, acknowledges that most incidents are the result of loss of situational awareness which can be addressed with engineering controls if AI techniques are applied on-board operating vehicles such as locomotives.  AI Systems look forward to expanding as interest and confidence continues to grow in operator supportive technologies.

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For more information please contact info@4aisys.com | (02) 4923 4113

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