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Advanced Driver Advisory System

Configured as an Advanced Driver Advisory System, HORUS acts as an in-cab AI assistant that provides the driver with enhanced decisions.

the all-seeing A.I.

Create better opportunities for driver decision-making with HORUS: ADAS.




detection and comparison

Detection, recognition and comparison of unexpected objects.

HORUS ADAS makes real time comparisons of objects to assist drivers in making better operational decisions, including:

  • Identifying rail infrastructure
  • Identifying hazards
  • Detection of unexpected rail geometry

driver notifications

Enhance driver awareness with reminders and warnings.

HORUS ADAS delivers real-time notifications and alarms direct to the driver, train operator and other authorised staff.

Notifications may include upcoming or current speed limits, signal aspects, and infrastructure such as level crossings.

braking capability

Locomotive braking as appropriate to detected hazards.

HORUS can include interfaces to emergency and full service braking systems to automatically stop the vehicle if the driver does not respond to warnings and alarms.

multiple sensors

A combination of sensors tailored to the operational needs of your network.







durable hardware

Housed within a durable, weatherproof SensorBar.

The SensorBar can be designed to meet specific needs and indeed sensors can be integrated into the vehicle where required.

2021 white coloured Sensorbar with 4AI Branding

Are you ready to make your trains smarter with HORUS?

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