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Artificial Intelligence for Rail

Machine learning vision systems to enhance rail network operations.

We develop vision systems powered by artificial intelligence to create better operational outcomes for rail network operators across the world.


the all-seeing A.I.


A diagram of HORUS AI's sensors highlighted by various colours on a locomotive.

HORUS is our all-seeing artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning system designed for real-time detection and classification of hazards and objects in your rail corridors.


We’ve combined the best of smart sensor technology with machine learning and deep learning models to provide a comprehensive AI that assists rail personnel in making better operational decisions across your rail network.


Detect and classify objects in the corridor in real-time.

We transform your rail network with smart AI technology that detects and classifies objects and hazards in real-time. Our vision systems enable operators to make better-informed decisions to realise greater operational outcomes.

All-Weather Detection

Unlike humans, our vision systems can detect objects in all weather conditions - rain, hail, snow or shine and more.

Network Hazards

Recognise abnormalities in rail conditions or object hazards before they interrupt rail operations.

Tunnel Operations

HORUS can operate within tunnels and low light situations with advanced sensors specifically selected for this environment.

continuous learning

Rail intelligence that grows with you.

Machine learning algorithms allow HORUS to understand and grow with your network. Continued processing and learning allows for greater detection over time, and eventually, analysis of ideal and abnormal operating conditions.

Master Sequence

Central database that is updated as the AI learns, storing and interpreting its collected data.

Built-In Adaptability

HORUS Recognises a multitude of objects and hazards and continues to learn over time.

network flexibility

Flexible AI configurations for the needs of your network.

We understand not every rail network is the same. HORUS has been designed with flexibility in mind, and can support a variety of sensors. Integration with your operational environment is important to us.

Guided Consultation

We provide assistance and recommendations based on the needs, budget and scope of your business.

Back-End Integration

HORUS can integrate into existing backend and business systems allowing a more complete system for decision making.

rail network benefits

Realise greater efficiency across your rail network

Reduced Rail Infrastructure

Users can identify their operating track and location with very high confidence, meaning that track-based location methods using track-circuit detection are no longer needed in all situations.

Greater Awareness

HORUS performs monitoring and functions 24/7 relentlessly, without interruptions or fatigue. This provides the driver with greater awareness of their surroundings.

Continuous Improvement

With continuous machine learning, HORUS also improves in capability the more times a route is operated. The track and route data files are updated with every train movement. 

Shared Knowledge​

HORUS can share any hazard or track difference with any other rollingstock via communications, without that rollingstock having to operate the track first.  All route knowledge is shareable in real time without further learning. 

The 4AI Systems Way

About Us

4AI Systems is an software engineering company focused on servicing the specialist artificial intelligence market for rail information systems.

At 4AI Systems our mission is to apply artificial intelligence to solve complex rail problems.  We have the capability and the technology to simplify and enhance the way in which people interact with the rail environment.  With our years of experience in delivering smart tech to this industry, we are taking it that next step further in delivering artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to support decision making.  These solutions empower people and organisations with real-time information for better situational awareness and ultimately optimised performance. 

horus ai solutions

Discover an AI solution for your network's needs

Advanced Driver Advisory System

An in-cab AI assistant for drivers to enhance situational awareness and better decisions.

Corridor Intrusion Detection​

Detect and classify intrusions in the rail corridor or potential hazards and their relationship to rail danger zones.

Are you ready to make your trains smarter with HORUS?

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