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What is Horus?

The Horus System is an Advanced Driver Advisory System (ADAS) using real-time sensors and software to assist a driver in the operation of a locomotive or train.  For safe and efficient operations, a vehicle needs to know exactly where it is, recognise the objects around it and continuously monitor operations.  Horus uses a combination of sensors and technologies with real-time onboard processing to provide this information for response by the user.

4AI Systems has selectively applied modern autonomous car technology to deliver a very sophisticated artificial intelligence system for use in the rail environment.  

How Horus Works

The Horus system creates a record of its environment using a combination of sensors and various technology inputs housed in the SensorBar mounted on the front of a train and connected to an onboard computer for processing in real-time.  Using 4AI Systems software algorithms, the Horus systems processes the data inputs for object (signal, hazard, signage) detection, localisation, and route monitoring.  By continually processing data in real-time, Horus can make a comparison of its current input data against the existing record to present information to a driver for actioning.  

Horus Processes

Detection Icon


Using sensors to 
understand the environment

Localization Icon


Continuous checking of location

Monitoring Icon


Continuous checking 
of operation

Industries and Applications

Whilst Horus can be applied to many transport industries, our focus is on metro and freight rail opportunities at this point in time.

The system has been configured to work in static environments such as at station platforms and level-crossings, and in mobile operations such as in front of the train.  

We do see that this technology has further expansion from this capability but our intention is to focus on the opportunities in front of us whilst we demonstrate our system and our teams capability.

2021 white coloured Sensorbar with 4AI Branding

About 4AI Systems

4AI Systems is an software engineering company focused on servicing
the specialist artificial intelligence market for rail information systems.

At 4AI Systems our objective is to DO BORING BETTER.  We have the capability and the technology to simplify and enhance the way in which people interact with the rail environment.  With our years of experience in delivering smart tech to this industry, we are taking it that next step further in delivering artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to support decision making.  These solutions empower people and organisations with real-time information for better situational awareness and ultimately optimised performance. 

Artificial Intelligence Rail Safety
Artificial Intelligence Rail

Mission and Values

Our mission is to do boring better.  Transport systems and processes can benefit from being automated.  We aim to support people and organisations in making better informed decisions which result in increased operational efficiencies.

We Value

Customer Centric Design

Our solutions are designed to solve customer problems.  Feedback and buy-in are essential to project success and we pride ourselves on being adaptive and responsive to client needs.  


We are clever, original and inventive.  We lead the world in our ability to
think outside the box.  We live to be ingenious and our solution aims
to provide that for each of our customers.

Respect and Inclusiveness

We promise to be inclusive and respectful so that any system delivered by us is built to include everyone without bias.


We believe engineered solutions for administrative practices are the best
way to increase safety and subsequently drive optimisation. 

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